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  1. Mr Grimbahir

    Torrent Grim-TeamOS Essential Applications V2

    Grim-TeamSO Essential Applications V2 In collaboration with TeamOS (This list will continuously be updated) 1- This is an easy script to install some essential programs that we usually install after we freshly install an OS. 2- This is the list of applications I usually use in my builds. 3-...
  2. Mr Grimbahir

    Torrent Grim-TeamOS Ultimate Graphics and Multimedia.V2

    The Greatness of the name is a guarantee This is my Second silent collection of software. This collection is mainly created to cover software that is commonly used in graphics and multimedia. I have exerted so much time and effort collecting and scripting this compilation. I do not assume...
  3. Mr Grimbahir

    Torrent Grimbahir-TeamOS WPI

    Grimbahir-TeamOS WPI (WPI = Windows Post-Install) I am proudly introducing my first Software collection. I have done hard work scripting and testing this huge amount of applications. I hope all members will enjoy this software collection where all applications are installed silently (according...